Saturday, 14 May 2011

Halo!! All starz weekend!

But while I can offer only meager rations, you, dear friends, have supplied a feast for the eyes this week. To be honest, I expected last week’s All Star challenge to be replete with striking images of fearsome Hunters, their compact form bristling with deadly anticipation, but instead they hid, criminally underrepresented while a cavalcade of more abundant Covenant forces were put on display.

Maybe it was my fault. Not likely, but perhaps by tethering the challenge to one specific mission, I inadvertently provided a poor opportunity for you to showcase the Lekgolo in all their fearsome glory.

Whatever the case, I am glad we waited. This week’s submissions were the finest to date, and the Hunters have once again been elevated to their rightful standing. In fact, since I received so many excellent submissions, I’ve chosen to employ some “new” technology to show off your stupendous offerings.

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