Sunday, 15 May 2011

The World's Number 1 Killer!!!

Heart disease is the number 1 killer for both males and females. It kills a lot more people than ALL forms of cancer tumors put together. In fact, it kills more people than war or accidents. Cardiovascular diseases and ischemic heart disease cause more than 40% of all deaths, according to the World Health Organization.
And it is an equal opportunity destroyer. Everyone, everywhere, every time can have a cardiac arrest

Hot President Affairs!!

John F Kennedy made love in a closet while telling his mistress about another president who did the same. That President being Warren G. Harding, whose hysterical wife was attacking the secret service agent outside the White House office at the time. Franklin D. Roosevelt had an affair with the first lady’s personal secretary. Lyndon B. Johnson made love to a secretary on the oval office desk. Bill Clinton’s contribution – with ardent assistance by Monica Lewinsky – is well publicized but taking the cake is John F Kennedy, who is said to have smoked marijuana with a nude playgirl while he joked about being too wasted to “push the button” in case of nuclear attack.

Not much is known about the extramarital affairs of US Vice Presidents. Which is kinda odd considering the Vice President has much more time than the President to live up to his title preamble. The Vice President has only one official duty: to preside over the Senate and to cast tie-breaking votes there.

Coffee is the world’s most popular stimulant!!!

4 out of 5 Americans drink it, consuming more than 400 million cups a day. Consumption in Scandinavian countries is more than 12kg (26lb) per capita. With more than 25 million people employed in the industry, coffee is one of the largest trade industries in the world. Although coffee is believed to have been grown near the Red Sea since the 7th century, an Arabian author of the 15th century, Shehabeddin Ben, wrote that Ethiopians enjoyed coffee ever since anyone could remember. By the 16th centuries, coffee plants were found throughout the Yemen region of Arabia. After a Turkish ambassador introduced it to the court of Louis XIV in 1669, Europeans quickly acquired a taste for it. A few years later, the Dutch introduced coffee into Java. In 1714, the Frenchman Desclieux planted a single cutting of a coffee tree on the island of Martinique. Plantations soon grew from French Guiana to Brazil and Central America. Today, coffee is planted in moist regions around the world.
Instant coffee was invented in 1906 by Mr. G. Washington, an Englishman living in Guatemala.

Cow burps and Global warming!

Although a cow has no upper front teeth, it grazes up to 8 hours a day, taking in about 45 kg (100 lb) of feed and the equivalent of a bath tub full of water. A healthy cow gives about 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.
A cow has four stomachs: the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. The rumen is the largest stomach and acts as a fermentation chamber. The abomasum is last of the four and is comparable in both structure and function to the human stomach.

Another Hit painting by Josephine!

Awesome painting!! By Josephine!!

Art, Josephine Wall Paintings, Well-known English painter Josephine Wall. Josephine Wall art works. English artist Josephine Wall has been passionate about art since she was four years old. Now a respected artist, Josephine paints with a lively imagination and romanticism that escort her audience into a world of magical dimension.

Young girl dies Because of her Group Beliefs!!

Another teen has committed suicide up in the Cayo District, this time in Buena Vista village.
Seventeen-year-old Glenda Carranza drank Gramoxone last week Monday, and died yesterday at the Western Regional Hospital.
The group of young people (EMO) to which Carranza reportedly belonged, based mostly in Benque Vejo Del Carmen, has drawn members from surrounding villages, and there are fears that there are more people who will join them in the future.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hospital Dumps Baby in Garbage!! WTF!!

Ministry of Health says mistake was an “individual error”... “For every letter of every word that I type, a tear is shed, and my heart is in pain, and broken over and over again. – Dilema Cano, Daniella’s mother... Adding insult to injury is exactly what first-time mother, Dilema Cano, was made to endure after she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Daniella. The baby girl was still-born on April 29, 2011, due to complications, the mother explained.

LIFE for Glenford!!

The former BDF soldier is convicted of killing his wife in 2007; says he will appeal... Former soldier in the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and security guard Glenford “Bucket” Bermudez, 40, who was found guilty of murder by a jury of nine women and three men on April 27, 2011, was today sentenced to life in prison by Justice Herbert Lord.

Halo!! All starz weekend!

But while I can offer only meager rations, you, dear friends, have supplied a feast for the eyes this week. To be honest, I expected last week’s All Star challenge to be replete with striking images of fearsome Hunters, their compact form bristling with deadly anticipation, but instead they hid, criminally underrepresented while a cavalcade of more abundant Covenant forces were put on display.

Maybe it was my fault. Not likely, but perhaps by tethering the challenge to one specific mission, I inadvertently provided a poor opportunity for you to showcase the Lekgolo in all their fearsome glory.

Whatever the case, I am glad we waited. This week’s submissions were the finest to date, and the Hunters have once again been elevated to their rightful standing. In fact, since I received so many excellent submissions, I’ve chosen to employ some “new” technology to show off your stupendous offerings.

Halo Colbert Retort!

The Colbert and Halo Nations collided briefly this week when the Most Honorable Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, Esquire hypothesized that Master Chief was likely one of the classified members of the now famous SEAL Team Six. While the operational status of The Chief and SEAL Team Six are both matters of secrecy, we can finally crack the lid on one of the operations we conducted around the launch of Halo: Reach.

Halo! Matchmaking Update Carnage Report

Jeremiah is beaming this week after another successful matchmaking update. I lobbed some childish criticisms his way, but his swelling sense of pride easily deflected my barbed words like Armor Lock deflects, well, everything. At one point he proclaimed, “Instant Arm FTW!” even though everybody knows Instant Arm is for scrubs who can only score in playtests by ramming their Mongoose into the base and planting the bomb before the defense can converge.

Clearly the man is delirious, but I do have to admit that he’s been making some significant and sizable upgrades to our matchmaking experience, with plenty more on the way. While each and every change might not always align with your own personal expectations (or mine), you have to admit Jeremiah has been putting our flexible new tools to the test.

About Halo!!

Halo: Reach is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 console. Reach was released in North America, Australia, and Europe on September 14, 2010. The game takes place in the year 2552, where humanity is locked in a war with the alien Covenant. Players control Noble Six, a member of an elite supersoldier squad, during the battle for the world of Reach. As the Covenant begin their assault on the planet, the UNSC begin their heroic yet ultimately futile effort to repel the alien invaders.

Black Ops Tips!!

Couldn’t hold the B flag if your life depended on it? Falling to your death more often than you’re taking out the enemy? Head over to the Intel section on and check out our Domination on Kowloon article. Pick up some flag tips and improve your game!

Black Ops!! Double XP extention!!

To celebrate our 10 millionth Facebook fan milestone, we’re extending the upcoming Black Ops Double-XP Weekend to May 10th. Thanks to everyone for the continued support!

Black Ops News!

Escalation Content Pack is Available Now. If you haven't seen the trailers yet, check them out here. We've provided a link to get Escalation on, or hop on to Xbox Live to get 5 All New Maps. See you online!

Runescape!!- Dungoneering Top tips!!

As you all may have noticed we were busy asking you throughout the week for your hottest tips on how to train for a Dungeoneering Party. Many of you came back to us and gave us some great feedback. To say thanks we got some of the most experienced players in game to give you some tips...

Runescape!!- Cape of Distinction!!

A distinct series of new capes have been added to the members’ game, including milestone capes for those who train every skill, the Classic and veteran capes for those who started playing RuneScape a long time ago, the max cape for players with 99 in all skills, and the completionist cape for those who have seen and done it all.

About Blue Hole!

The Blue Hole Natural Monument lies within the atoll lagoon of Lighthouse Reef, about 75km east of Belize City, and about 8km north of Half Moon Caye Natural Monument.

The great Blue Hole studied by Jacques Cousteau in recent years, is an underwater cave, formed during periods of lower sea level, is a karsts-eroded sinkhole where depths exceed 400 feet. It contains Pleistocene stalactites and stalagmites and serves as an important habitat for shrimp and jewfish.

!!Jaguar Paw!! Awesome trip!!

We were going to stay at Jaguar Paw for two days and then go to Ambergris Caye. We loved Jaguar Paw so much that we never left. It was myself, my best friend and her 13 year old son. The people were so amazing, the food was great and the animals on the property were the highlight of the trip....This resort is located off mile 37 on the western High Way, Belmopan, Belize.